Gourmand Aromas

Air Fresheners that just make one want to eat them

New air fresheners with unique aromas which will evoke our favourite sweets, created to jazz up rooms and take one back to a world of wonders. Step back into one’s childhood and to those unforgettable moments which one has experienced during one’s lifetime with our Campero Sweet life collection.

Long-lasting fragrance which thanks to its pearly decorative diffuser ensures a more uniform spraying in a room leaving it more evenly scented.

Campero Sweet Life Strawberry Cloud: With pleasant smell of strawberries and hints of lemon.

Campero Sweet Life Vanilla Ice Cream: Strong notes of vanilla with a floral touch.

Campero Sweet Life Chocolate Cake: Intense notes of chocolate with anis background.

Campero Sweet Life Cinnamon Biscuit: Soft notes of cinnamon and sweet with a floral background.