Jelwery Aromas

Jelwery Campero

The new Campero air fresheners are based on gemstones which arouse desires and incite passions. Many of them are paired to the very nature and lifestyle of each person due to its connection to one’s zodiac sign, but very few people know that they are coupled with a perfume matched to the chakra corresponding to its colour. Their magical properties have made the gemstones over the course of centuries talismans which we can now enjoy as a scent.

The product range consists of:

Gleam of Emerald:  This gemstone is identified with the joie de vivre (zest for life) and happiness. Repels negative vibes and entices smiles, harmony and tranquillity. A citrus floral perfume with fruity nuances.

Glimmers of Ruby: Representing positive energy par excellence, from among its attributed properties are the increasing of vitality and strengthening of the spirit.  A modern scent inspired by a floral bouquet that opens to the Mediterranean with fresh and green nuances.

Glow of Diamonds: Symbolises purity and as such endows its wearer triumph, strength and courage. Representing pure energy and possessing an exceptional capacity to irradiate. The scent stands out as being fruity thanks to sweet banana and a combination of tangerine, orange and lemon blended with nuances of pepper and green leaves.

Brilliance of Sapphire:  Safeguards the power of wisdom. Possessing the power to gather one’s thoughts and accurately coordinate one’s will.  An aquatic, aromatic and slightly woody perfume.